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We offer our services a la carte or as a complete package. We customize a plan of action with each client to meet all of their specific needs




Continental United States.

If you live out of the country, out of state, out of the city, or close to the estate but can't make it in, Aardvark can do all the work for you without you having to be present. All communications can be handled via email or over the phone. Once finished, we will follow up with detailed pictures of our completed work. To conduct this process, we must see the contents of the location at the onset of the project.

Entire Estate Sale.

If your home is a candidate for an Estate Sale we will do all the work. Stress free to you, our team will come and sell the items in your home or estate.

  • Customize our service for you during a private consultation
  • Display and Price all items
  • Conducts all work associated with the sales day delineated
  • You then collect your money.

The fee for the entire process will be determined by the quantity and quality of the items in the home. No two homes are the same. Let us customize just for you!

One Piece to the Entire Contents of an Estate.

Aardvark buys antiques and collectables. This could be one item, many items, collections, or an entire estate filled with different items. Aardvark will pay you for these items and remove them from the location.

Clean Up and Junk Removal.

Does your home need to be completely cleaned out? Does it need to be ready for the selling market? If there is not enough for an Estate Sale? A clean out might be what you need! The Aardvark crew will come in and clean out the estate location, removing all items. Dumpster service is also available if needed. A private consultation with the client will set all details and fees. All fees depend on each specific need. Aardvark's crew will work hard so you don't have to!

Vintage Vehicle Purchasing

Aardvark buys new and vintage cars, boats, motorcycles, and a variety of other vehicles. We also buy antique and vintage car parts and accessories.

Appraise Your Possession

Aardvark will help you determine the value of your contents for a small fee with a written appraisal for one item or the entire contents of an estate. All appraisals are kept strictly confidential.